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Otto Suri - Swiss Registered Architect, 28696
Masters & Postgraduate Degrees in Architecture from ETH Zurich
Swiss Institute of Engineers & Architects SIA, 121605
New Zealand Institute of Architects, 19656
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment MBIE, LBP Design-3, 114262

We believe in simplicity with regard to

- organising the functions by reducing to the max (eliminate all what is unnecessary).

- construction by creating an honest architecture showing the structural use of materials and their characteristics of load and support.

- form understood as the result of the interaction of the function and the structure of a building.

Our business objectives are to design appropriate building solutions which are aesthetically pleasing, pragmatically efficient works of architectural excellence. We deliver thoughtful, original, environmentally/ maintenance/ user friendly and contemporary architecture that conveys a sense of humanism and purpose while fulfilling practical requirements. The spirit in which the buildings are conceived result in an enduring joy and happiness for the user.

This is achieved with our clients through a process of intensive, on-going dialogue, collaboration, analysis, editing and application of instinct and insight.


Our projects show our extensive expertise with many building types. For big as well as for small projects the same diligence developing construction details is applied.


We have an especial focus on ecologically adapted housing, including alternative materials, passive and active solar energy, and the use of non- toxic, durable and sustainable building materials. We produce best quality with a positive contribution to the environment and community.